Silicone grading
Persian Silicon Company as producer of silicon has been known and provides graded silicone –powder silicone, micronized silica with grades (0-80 mm) to use in glass and crystal – ceramic tile – glaze and porcelain -water treatment- casting- sandblast-types of concrete products- paint and resin- oil & petroleum, silica and micro silica industries .
Anthracite and micronized silica are in different kinds and qualities: high quality silica, first grade silica and second grade silica in different meshes according to standard, mesh 325, appropriate cost of silica , different industries: glass silica, sandblast silica, water treatment silica, waste water treatment silica and anthracite (carbonated as bad smell remover and …),silica for sandy filters of pool, micronized silica (mesh silica 230,280,325), glazed and ceramic silica powder , micro silica, tile silica, silica in concrete, paint and resin, glue, plastic, steel Fire-clay, silica for GRP polymer pipes and calcium carbonate until mesh 2500, silica sand for sandy and cement filter
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