Sodium metasilicate:
Sodium metasilicate is purchased as clear balls, without water and glass powder or watery powder. This material is used to control the abrasion of water pipes and glaze and enamel formulation. Its liquid solution types are used in Saponification, industrial and general cleaners, glue, cement production, paint and covering, casting mold, ore flotation, peroxide stabilization and abrasion control in water pipes and silica precursor combined with zeolite.
Deposited silica:
Reaction of Sodium metasilicate with Sulfuric acid and Hydrochloric acid during certain conditions produced deposited silica that for its properties such as very high luminosity and low porosity is used as fine grain filler and anti-slip in rubber (Tire and floor coverage) PVC, polyolefin, LDPE film and fine pore separators in lead battery, distributer, carrier and many other items.
Colloidal silica
It is suspension from fine grain silica in watery environment that is used to make friction in paper and wood, welding of fiber fireproof materials, catalyzer and chemical precursor.
Silica, metallurgy type
Silica is made from reaction of coke and quartz in Electric Arc. Furnace in temperature upper than 2000 and had 98-99% Si. It is used in aluminum, steel alloys, super alloy, silica and chemical materials.
There are other types of silica and its compounds such as baked silica, pieces of silicone, silicone nitrate and etc. that everyone had specific applications.
Crystalline quartz
Clear and well-formed types of this material is being used to prepare lens and cone, making jewelry and ore sample, its piezoelectric property is being used in electronic.
Microcrystalline, porous silica with specific gravity 2.65, hardness 7, white to gray and etc. used as filler or pigment in paint, rubber, plastic, abrasive and putty, in addition, it used in abradant and polishing powders and tooth abrasive.